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Daehyun Kim

You’re sur real, 2014


J. M. W. Turner - Ship in a Storm (ca. 1823-6)

Four people told me they liked me this year. One said it out of fear of being alone; one, out of convenience of keeping me around; one, out of ignorance, by choosing to see only certain sides of me; one, offering only weight-loss words. They all didn’t mean it.

People give themselves away too easily, and I make room for people too easily. 

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just opened:

Andisheh Avini

Marianne Boesky Gallery, 509 W24th St., NYC

Avini uses the subjective experience of his Iranian heritage as a platform from which to explore more collective notions of memory and the significance of imagery. Sourcing bits and pieces of simple images - the curve of a lock of hair, for instance - Avini reduces them to their essential forms until their origin is diluted and the fluidity of paint is emphasized. In these palimpsestic hybrids, Avini’s overwriting obstructs and complicates the language of the traditional designs, both in a visual and conceptual sense. - thru Feb 15


Winston Chmielinski

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Composition with Three Male Nudes”, 1910, Egon Schiele.


An Earth Day-inspired daily cartoon by Mick Stevens: http://nyr.kr/1iFKAuT

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